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Memories Information submitted by Sylvia Dyar


Memories from Childhood

  My childhood memories of Spencer Presbyterian Church seem to revolve around food. As a child we were always plied with cookies to attend and be at our best for the rehearsals for the Christmas Cantata. The rehearsals were laboriously long but the end result was worth the effort and was well attended by the community. The children in their white starched robes and satin bows were so angelic. Much credit was due to Lillian Dyar and her perserverance to corral those "ruffian boys".  I remember most fondly the caroling we did during the Christmas Holidays. Stopping at the manse to carol for Dr. & Mrs. Raphael was my favorite because whe always gave us cookies and one of her specialties was Springerle cookie. I had never had this cookie until I tasted hers and since then, it is my favorite Christmas Cookie. I always think of her when I have one of those cookies. Church dinners were held in the church basement and often to overflowing crowds to the point that you had to wait for someone to finish to be seated. Again the ladies of the church prepared fabulous food buffets.