Shine in the love of God's grace.

Picture of Food Pantry located behind church.


Information and Volunteers


Our Food pantry is open on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00.

Families and or individuals in need may visit once each month. More information is available at the pantry.

The pantry entrance is located across the parking lot behind the church.

Volunteers at Food Pantry

June 4.    Bonnie R, Pam S, Pam T

June 6   Bonnie, Pam S, Janet P

June 11  Wilda, Loretta, Melissa

June 13  Wilda, Pam T, Melissa

June 18  Peg C, Janet P, Carol M

June 20  Peg, Pam T, Carol M

June 25  Wilda, Loretta, Pat S

June 27  Pam, Janet P, Janet L